Quality Control

Production: Quality Management and Testing

As a supplier to well-known premium brands in the automotive industry and as a market-leading manufacturer in the aftermarket, it is of utmost importance to guarantee the highest quality standards in each step of the value chain.

This starts with the selection of raw material. Our wheels are produced only from the best alloys from the major producers. Additionally, the raw materials are constantly subject to spectral analysis quality inspections. Elaborate quality inspections are performed during the whole production process. Each wheel is checked in a fully automated X-ray test straight after casting. Due to the helium leak test, the radial/axial run-out test, the dimensional inspection and the final check, production errors can be reduced to a bare minimum.

We perform numerous long-term tests and other testing procedures in parallel at our laboratories. Such testing is also used by leading experts.

In the CASS test, the varnishing is checked in brine on its resistance to environmental influences. Thanks to the knowledge gained, we managed to continuously improve our coating processes and we are the only manufacturer guaranteeing coating for up to five years* for many models.

The fatigue test exposes a test wheel to over 250,000 load changes . Additionally the Zwarp test can simulate a drive through all of Europe. Here the load on the wheel changes constantly.



*according to the General Terms and Conditions of UNIWHEELS Leichtmetallräder (Germany) GmbH, available at www.uniwheels.com/gtc



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